The GSU Clinical Psychology Program holds an annual “Research Day” symposium in which graduate students present their research to other students, faculty and clinical supervisors.  This year’s keynote address, entitled “Toddlers’ social learning of prosocial acts:  The role of context” was presented by Rose Donahue, M.A. (left), shown here with her mentor and collaborator Erin Tully, Ph.D. (right).

The assessment and counseling services offered by the GSU Psychology Clinic are based on the best available scientific evidence and practices for psychologists. All clinicians use a scientific approach in their delivery of services.

This approach is based on:

  • strong critical thinking and methodological skills
  • an understanding of the science of human behavior
  • awareness and sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • evidence based methods of assessment and intervention

Essential aspects of this approach include assessing the impact of clinical services through ongoing outcome measurement, seeking out emerging scientific findings to improve practice, and consulting with colleagues to maximize the effectiveness of clinical services.