ACTing True To You: A Skills Group for Teens

A group of tennagers smiling, sitting next to each other .
**The photos of the teens on this site are used for illustrative purposes only, and all persons depicted are models.

This telehealth group intervention is for teens ages 14-18 who are struggling with sadness, anxiety, anger, irritability, interpersonal difficulties, academic difficulties, or other issues. We will be utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help equip teens with skills to live a more fulfilling life – a goal relevant for every teen! The goal of ACT is to help clients consistently choose to act effectively, in line with their values, in the presence of difficult or interfering private events (e.g., self-doubt).

  • The cost is $10/session.
  • For more information, please call 404-413-6229.
ACT promotes value-centered living by helping youth a) identify and clarify their personal values, b) learn skills to navigate barriers to live consistently with values, and c) establish realistic goals to live in line with values. Individual and group-based ACT interventions for youth have been demonstrated to be effective for decreasing depression, ADHD, anxiety, stress, and difficulties in family and friendship relationships. These ACT interventions for youth have also been effective for increasing quality of life and helping adolescents reach self-defined goals.
Teens and clinicians will meet virtually using a videoconferencing platform.
Weekly on Wednesday evenings for 90 minutes.
Advanced graduate student clinicians in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Georgia State University will lead the group. They will be supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist with background and training in ACT.
A clinician will conduct a virtual interview with parents and teenagers to determine if the family is likely to benefit from the group.
The cost is $10/session. Clients with financial need can request a fee reduction.