**The photos of the individuals on this site are used for illustrative purposes only, and all persons depicted as clients are models.

The Brain Health Clinic offers assessment services and educational information for middle-aged to older adults. We provide two types of evaluations:

  • Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations: This type of evaluation is most appropriate for clients who have significant concerns about their thinking abilities. The evaluation will include an interview with the client and a family member lasting approximately one hour, during which we will gather information about the client’s concerns, medical and psychological history, and background information such as education and work history. The interview will be followed by 3-4 hours of memory and cognitive testing. Tests will mostly be in paper-and-pencil format, but a few tests might be on a computer. Testing will provide comprehensive information about strengths and weaknesses in the client’s thinking abilities and can help us to diagnose potential cognitive or psychological disorders.
  • Brief memory screenings: These are “check-ups” for clients who would like to have a broad overview of their cognitive status but do not have major memory or cognitive concerns. As we grow older, this type of screening can help to identify and treat memory and cognitive problems before they become more severe. We will spend approximately 30 minutes interviewing the client and a family member to gather brief information about any cognitive concerns, medical and psychological history, and background information such as education and work history. We will then spend approximately one hour of testing that will help us identify any areas that might require more detailed assessment. This type of screening can be repeated over time to track changes in thinking abilities over the years.

For both types of evaluations, clients will attend a second session during which they will receive feedback on the results of the assessment and a copy of the report that summarizes the evaluation. We will provide detailed recommendations for medical and psychological follow-up as needed. We will also provide educational information about brain-healthy behaviors and resources in the community in verbal and written format and will discuss potential barriers to lifestyle changes that can promote clients’ overall well-being.

If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation or in learning more about our services, please call 404-413-6229.