Better Coping through Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills: A Group for Adults

**The photos of the individuals on this site are used for illustrative purposes only, and all persons depicted as clients are models.

The clinic offers a skills-based group for adults based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT skills are helpful for anyone interested in coping more effectively with distressing emotions and relationship problems. People who experience frequent anxiety, anger, shame, and/or sadness would benefit from this group. This group is also good for people who have frequent interpersonal conflict at work or at home.

The group focuses on four areas: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Mindfulness skills help decrease anxiety, distractibility, and judgmental thinking. Distress tolerance skills improve one’s capacity to cope with stressful situations without becoming overwhelmed. Emotion regulation skills help decrease up-and-down emotions. Interpersonal effectiveness skills help decrease interpersonal conflict and stress, and improve relational satisfaction. It takes roughly 6 months to get through all the areas once, but members are encouraged to complete all areas twice. The group is an addition to individual therapy and you must be in individual therapy to join the group.
Yes. Multiple studies have found this intervention to be effective for people with several presenting problems.For more information on Supporting Evidence 
The cost is $10 a session.
Call the GSU Psychology Clinic Intake Team at 404-413-6229 and let them know you are interested in one of the DBT skills groups. You will complete a phone screen to determine if our clinic services are a good fit with your needs.
The attendance policy for the group is that you can miss three sessions within a module, which is usually about 8 weeks. If you miss a fourth group in this time frame, you will have to wait until the next module to join again. The more sessions you attend the more benefit you will have.
Yes. The group is very skills-focused and there is not time to talk deeply about how to apply the skills in your life. Therefore, you’ll still need an individual therapist. We also require you to sign a release allowing us to talk with your therapist. The goal of this is to help you get to most out of the group. If you are interested in a DBT group and don’t currently have an individual therapist, please call the clinic (404-413-6229) to discuss options.