Parent Training Group for Parents of Young Children

**The photos of the children on this site are used for illustrative purposes only, and all persons depicted are models.

This telehealth group intervention is for parents of children aged 3 to 7 who are noncompliant, defiant, stubborn or have difficulty appropriately expressing and managing their emotions. Parents will learn how to improve obedience, reduce tantrums, and enjoy time with their children. This virtual group will meet using a videoconferencing platform.

  • The cost is $20/session.
  • For more information, please call 404-413-6229.

Yes. Researchers have found the intervention is effective for increasing compliance in children, decreasing tantrums, reducing parents’ stress, and improving the positive quality of parent-child relationships in a majority of children who complete the intervention.
Parents and therapists will meet virtually using a videoconferencing platform.
Advanced graduate students in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Georgia State University will lead the group. They will be supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist.
Yes. It is strongly recommended that parents attend sessions regularly. The content of each session builds on the content of the previous sessions.
Children will not attend sessions regularly. Parents will learn skills to shape their child’s behavior at home and in everyday situations. Parents and therapists may decide that an individual child would benefit from individual sessions with a therapist.
A therapist will conduct a virtual interview with parents to learn about the child and family to determine if the family is likely to benefit from the group.
This intervention will not be particularly helpful for addressing learning problems, inattention, hyperactivity, or autism-spectrum behaviors.
The cost is $20/session.  Clients with financial need can request a fee reduction.

For more information, please call the GSU Psychology Clinic at 404-413-6229.